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Outlook is more than just an Email Client

Many are not aware of the full potential of Outlook. There are so many features “hidden“ in Outlook that can be moved to the relevant screen in outlook and that gives the user more possibilities. We have made many solutions, plug-ins or add-ons in Outlook that enable the user to work faster and smarter in Outlook.

The below are some of the solutions we have created:

We made a form for a customer center that can give response options. So when this client receives mails from the customers, the person in the customer center can select among various possible answers that are placed in word. That enables multiple users to use the same template.
We also made a form that has different fields when making a meeting entry in the Calendar
We also made a solution that increased the search options in outlook


Below are the screen shots of the Ribbon menu buttons and forms we made to ease the routine job of user:

Added buttons on ribbon to Log Mail or Fill Data based on Order No from Visma/ERP by fetching data from its SQL database.

Using below form user can get all details of Order and create email based on template text files.

Using below form user can log the existing email or if creating a new mail, it will first send the email and then log it.

Like the other Microsoft Office products, there are many possibilities that can make your company more efficient when using Outlook.  We have many ideas and experiences in the projects we have done that can make you work smarter.  We can also translate your own ideas or your current processes or routines into a desired solution that would work for you.

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